A few days before your arrival you will receive our e-mail for fast check-in to avoid waiting, so you can immediately start your holiday without worries.

But remember: We will welcome you with the same warmth as always, by now we have learned to transmit our smile also through our eyes.

In addition to the use of masks and spacings, we have enhanced the cleaning shifts with even greater attention to the various contact points such as remote controls, keyboards, handles. Sanitizing gel dispensers are available in all strategic internal and external points (example: at the reception, at the bar, at the entrance to the restaurant, at the entrance to the elevator, on each floor).

We all have the separate rights to make the right decisions and intensify the disinfection work, especially with every change of customer. We heard for each room that we would take care of it

Breakfast is combined with a supervised buffet

The hotel will have three different states in which you can have lunch and dinner. Vegetables and starters are served right at the table and next to dessert, fruit and ice cream.

In the swimming pool

Everything is simpler here, thanks to the presence of chlorine.

The pool water is strictly controlled to ensure the chlorine and Ph values comply with the law and are safe for you. In addition, we have set up umbrellas and sunbeds throughout the area in such a way as to maintain safe distances.

Remember to maintain distances even in the water and by the pool.

because we know that we can count on your cooperation