The Cervia Natural Park

with its 27 hectares of pine forest, it is located just a few kilometers from the Hotel Franca. Also reachable by bicycle, (we give you those).

The Natural Park is a place where you can spend hours of absolute peace and tranquility and discover forgotten scents and sounds, re-establishing that contact with nature that man has long lost. It is not a simple green park, but a real jewel in the heart of Milano Marittima that offers many possibilities: from getting to know many animals up close, in particular those of the farm, to spending a quiet picnic in the open air or sipping a coffee in the company of swallows. A rich selection of animals populate the park. In particular, the Natural Park has embraced the cause of the repopulation of native species, both regional and Italian.

You can admire numerous varieties of: chickens, guinea fowl, turkeys, rabbits, goats, sheep, horses, cattle, donkeys, deer, fallow deer, many of which you can touch inside the enclosure of the educational farm.

The most common ornamental breeds are present: peacocks, pheasants, baby pigs, etc … The Park also offers many other opportunities: from the organic garden to horseback riding, to a rich program of events that animate the park from spring to autumn.

A child-friendly refreshment point: Binario 9 ¾ is a unique refreshment point thanks to the particular wooden structure, the suggestive outline of the centuries-old pine forest and the services it offers to adults and children. It is a place to live, where you can refresh yourself while savoring the quiet of the park at any time of the day, an ‘educational’ and somewhat magical refreshment point where the little ones can read, play and participate in educational workshops, which in part develop in the pine forest.